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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 1, 2014 6:30pm-6:41pm PST

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versions available. this is your marketplace today to search makes the network. new and new. the a large city with a population of ten million where various cultures and ethnic groups still exist. no it's one of america's richest area. all the way the mecca of the local film industry are located in los angeles. tv reporters to stand on the rep city of america. tell me. it
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is. that's gone. he threw it in l a t. this is where all the stories and kelly began porter and i can deal is at the headquarters of directv one of the world's leading providers of digital television entertainment services companies and subsidiaries get to be provided to set the stove but she's out on the field after a long break and seventeen million in south america soon the evening shadows fall. small to very new center has been set up in l a and among the staff busily working. we see a familiar face. anchor sean went
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welcome to all of them though. i pounded on the go ahead. i've been busy. that shows late monday. mrs. at this hour. reporter want is on standby outside their thoughts on love and a woman city of augusta to the test he carried his shot. getting there. she's getting ready for a simultaneous connection with the new center. hot talented in that country. so monday i'll be offering to sell what is it your name to kicking him you are you on the roof the dough hook. i wanted sometimes one can style yes yes the year here's the thing. i asked after some complications he finally succeeded connecting with each other. claire. so
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it came all the way here to los angeles team initially cover of the id on tv launch on directv. it gives us a wider platform to present all of the content that we may go for a soul. and we thought that it was very important for us to be here on the grounds for this momentous occasion but also we're able to cover some stories that we wouldn't have access to from our soul newsroom so we sort of brought a mini news for him from korea over here to the united states. me and you know now all they have to do is connect with the new center in seoul. it's all ready to go the time difference between ellie and so is seventeen hours the audi the new center is also full of activity as everyone is busy preparing for the eight o'clock news in the broadcast when we
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began. las angeles three d and seventy eight on thursday your result for more not anti these exciting give you joining us this hour the united states fish on land with standing by at our studio and los angeles the smile about this momentous occasion. logie days starting today many directv customers in the united states may be happy to see id nine tv in their channel lineup. gretzky was based here as i know what is a satellite based television service that compete with cable tv set reasons writers don't have to pay an extra month. during twenty oh two was the first day i peed on tv was available all over the u s airports reds already done in our regions of the night before you know me understand why everyone was so busy in both color and away lieberman is an entertaining about three and two on j covered this story and met with key people for bringing
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this humanitarian issue to my gm. the setlist. she has been preparing a special local reports for today's link up in the early twentieth century have not gotten notice. she encounters some troubles like waiting until the early morning hours to suit the broadcast times in korea. thankfully the first connection was very successful. blaming the victim. i am the connections continue the next day. and then just sign she is on standby at central park in glendale where i come from roman statue is located. and to celebrate this special occasion like that one to connect live to add a leash on land the standing by her studio in los angeles ca this done. well below use the n h
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on land is already a leading center played the important role in connecting away with scholar i'm actively kill santa barbara ca parliament that since it's a glendale city officials and a local korean american groups say the bronze statue is about remembering our plain jane and with the new centers in store in l a were operating in different time slots for the simultaneous connections continued on in all locations throughout l a since it's in right behind me and many residents here in glendale say that they're proud that the community they're included in the rigorous schedule continued on until the evening. the rest of the nationalists and in japan in and even riskier positions i still really good about how we were able to put together an amazing line up with such a limited amount of time and resources and so a release stretched what we thought we could do. so everybody had to
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like it in a hundred and twenty percent and i know that i was reading a lot with trying to figure out how we're going to just sit the time schedules and all of the technical difficulties that we had but i think overall it was was very fine and very exciting. we really did get to see what it was like for us to be here in los angeles. and to see really a lot of the story set in now it was unjustly guns everyone was also busy covering stories. we are at the glendale central park doesn't this that you love a girl at the park looked familiar. it's the copper woman statue which made everyone flight from korea to this city in a foreign country. that day. in the head and just today she had designs to meet the people who made it possible for the copper woman
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statue to go up in the park when they list and only one young man in the woods. one of them. i called he cites in a year now so im going to hear what i'm used to be a lock on the fun thing to occur only on the way to sit until cool to have to get in and sit back and chill. none of them they said it was the last. thanks to local issues at an all out like this any longer. when they can. he bought it until after sunset i could. if you
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believe it will come a time that it connects it to work today. he said. the act that stop me to die. lights out and then. the chin cheek liao so i knew what this this action you see your light cherry in american society why is it so meaningful that human rights issue and eleven speech to a sceptical he stated that american people are really interested in the number no way it happened and to quote happen and when it happened so. i do suspect he's here to educate the. well what do you think is that what you want people to know by installing the statute here in glendale city v one two on what the people to know about that she isn't suffering said the victims and the what really happened. counting making the case and would like to to the swimming we want to tell people again that beautiful way. not that keen on pc is what happened is a floral marquee story but it should not repeat in
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the future. somebody on. he too went for that. the lesson of the dead and gone lemon. i would i am. edd a small statue based on global attention to the sexual slavery issue. which proves the statue is of great significance. still it is one of the most famous monuments and. the mockery and cynical unveils an england a list is one of the city finale county so i really felt that there is a need for more on that for which that you watch the sentiment along on the american civil war american congressman about the statue i was very curious


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